Your platinum-grade partners for all things civil construction.

Our experienced team has worked across SA’s largest infrastructure projects.

Platinum brings a new approach to the civil construction industry. We work hard to deliver a truly inclusive workplace, thereby reflecting the diversity of the Australian community.

Our approach is highlighted by our ability to create real career development opportunities for First Nation people, especially local Aboriginal women.

This sets us apart from our competitors. We focus on growing our people’s capability, ensuring every individual is fully trained, nurtured and supported.

As such, we proudly deliver sustainable outcomes that provide out-sized benefits for the entire community.

Tim, Kiara and Mikael in front of Goldsborough House

Our Values

Platinum Leaders

Kiara Johnson

Kiara Johnson

Managing Director

A proud South Australian Aboriginal woman, Kiara is highly experienced in delivery of social outcomes for South Australia largest Infrastructure Projects… Read more

Tim Freer

Tim Freer

Director of Operations

Tim has worked for some of the world’s largest construction companies and successfully delivered complex projects… Read more

Mikael Strain

Mikael Strain

General Manager

A proud Wiradjuri man, Mikael brings strong commercial governance to the team with significant experience in sales, marketing, international and domestic commerce… Read more

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Platinum Vision

Platinum’s vision is to construct, develop, and maintain infrastructure and client assets that drive positive change in our industry and communities.

We are dedicated to partnering and collaborating with industry leaders to transform expertise and lead thinking into practical frameworks and tools that create real impact and drive sustainable change.

We acknowledge and support the global sustainability goals regarding; Decarbonisation; Healthy Environment; Indigenous Partnerships; Thriving empowered communities; Safe, inclusive and future ready workforce; and Responsible supply chains. Together, we aim to deliver social, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits for current and future generations. Sustainability is at the core of Platinum’s operations, and we focus on four strategies in the delivery of our Sustainability Policy to ensure a comprehensive approach

Platinum's 4 Pillars of Sustainability: 1) Our Planet. 2) Our People. 3) Local Industry. 4) Our Economy.

Our Planet

We consistently seek opportunities to promote climate action and contribute to the transition to a greener and circular economy. This includes actively pursuing green energy solutions, recycling initiatives, and sourcing machines, tools, and equipment that align with sustainable practices. We strive to protect and regenerate ecosystems while reducing our carbon footprint. Some of the Platinum common practises are evaluating construction methods to minimise the production of waste, separating project refuse into distinct locations for recycling and the recycling of batteries from hand powered tools, correctly, to an approved disposal facility.

Our People

We recognise that structural change and education are vital for the well-being of our current and future generations. Platinum is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive work environment, promoting diversity and equal opportunities, and providing ongoing training and development for our team members. We prioritise their health, safety, and overall well-being. To achieve this, for example, Platinum conducts weekly toolbox meetings which one of our Directors, Tim Freer, attends to facilitate discussions about well-being, what a ‘safe place’ constitutes and diversity. In addition, Tim, when visiting the work sites, engages in one-on-one discussions with most team members. This allows him to undertake an ongoing evaluation of the team members’ health and wellbeing and to introduce interventions as required. As a further tool, Platinum conducts a monthly staff survey, where we receive anonymised feedback from our teams. This is being reviewed and actions taken as part of our continues improvement processes.

Our Economies

Platinum is committed to creating a sustainable working environment on multiple fronts. We are committed to making a social impact by driving a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable livelihood for communities; by actively engaging with local stakeholders, we seek to understand their needs and contribute to the development of vibrant local economies; our projects are designed to generate positive economic outcomes, create jobs, and enhance social well-being. Platinum demonstrates this by providing leadership opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Local Industry

Platinum is dedicated to building world-class, innovative infrastructure that benefits local communities. We prioritise an inclusive workforce, supporting ethical supply chain investments, and implementing robust governance practices. By collaborating with local partners, we aim to foster economic growth, strengthen local industry capabilities, and promote responsible and sustainable business practices. This is reinforced with our Buy First Nations Buy Local Policy.